Freedom Calculator

As part of our ongoing mission and vision, we are moved to provide a way for you to figure what you need to get out of this cycle of violence. Please use this tool and the resources linked here to begin your journey to freedom, to help a friend or family member, to network with others, and educate your community.

Why A Calculator?

There are many expenses when it comes to getting out of a bad situation. Some you can account for down to a penny. Some you estimate as best you can. This calculator will allow you to input, save, and even compare those costs. We know some of it is best guesstimate, but it will give you a starting place to budget and plan if your situation doesn't call for immediate action.

If you are in immediate trouble, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) .

How It Works

Enter Fixed Costs

These will be things like:

  • Transportation costs: Think a bus pass or other things that are fixed such as a monthly oil change.
  • Insurace premiums such as car and health insurance.
  • Loans such a personal, school, or cash advance loans.
  • Your average montly food costs.
  • There's even an spot where you can add your fixed costs that aren't listed (as a single total amount)

Enter Variable Costs

These will be things like:

  • Hotel costs while relocating
  • Renting a moving truck and the gas for the trip
  • Connection fees for your new Utilities
  • Storage Unit rental feees
  • Car rental if needed plus gas

Get Totals

This will help you:

  • Budget For Your First Month On Your Own
  • Estimate Your Monthly Living Expenses
  • Know What You Need To Save Before Moving
  • Know What You Can Save Based On Your Current Expenses
  • Make Plans To Move Forward Towards A Safer Life


Other Site Features:

  • Resources Page with links to cost of living comparions sites to help you estimate some of your moving costs
  • Link to find hotline numbers to get support before, during, and after your move
  • Links to help you make a safety plan for getting out